How to protect your property with PVC coatings?

How to protect your property with PVC coatings?

PVC roofing has become an indispensable solution for those looking for reliable protection for their assets. Thanks to their durability, versatility and good looks, these covers offer optimal protection against a wide range of weather conditions and environmental influences.

The covers in our range are ideal for covering a wide variety of items, from PVC halls and multilift containers to trailers, pools, barrels, garden buildings and industrial equipment, and in the following article we'll take a closer look at why it pays to choose PVC covers.

PVC cover

What is PVC (and PVC coating)

Known for its widespread use around the world, polyvinyl chloride or PVC stands out for its durability and adaptability. Originally a hard and brittle material, PVC's physical properties can be altered by the addition of plasticisers, making it extremely flexible, which is crucial for our applications. This flexible form is particularly useful as a covering material for lightweight halves, similar to the material commonly used to cover trucks.

The specificity of this material lies in its composition, which includes an internal mesh (armature) that prevents tearing, giving the material excellent durability. PVC is distinguished from other plastics by its fire resistance, which is ensured by its high chlorine content. The material does not ignite until temperatures rise above 400 °C, adding an important element of fire safety.

By using PVC as a coating material, it is possible to ensure that structures are protected from the weather and UV rays for decades. The material is designed to withstand wind, sun and rain without compromising its quality, and is also resistant to alcohols, oils and certain types of acids and alkalis.

Of course, not all PVC materials are equally suitable - there are also cheap manufacturers on the market whose materials are not covered by the above. We have trusted two manufacturers - Saddler Group and Mehler Texnologies. Their PVC material is produced in Germany, where the manufacturer is renowned for the superior quality of its fabrics.

These fabrics meet all the necessary safety and fire resistance standards, confirming that our PVC coatings are manufactured to the highest safety standards and that the manufacturing process has undergone proper quality control. When you choose our PVC covers, you're investing in the protection of your property and you're getting quality that will last through the decades.

PVC cover

PVC coating characteristics

Durability: Our coatings are manufactured using only the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance in all weather conditions. Reinforced fibreglass reinforced PVC roofing is designed to withstand strong winds, rain and harsh rays of the sun, giving your property the best possible protection and can last for decades.

Aesthetics: In addition to functionality, our PVC coverings also offer aesthetics. Whether your needs are industrial or domestic, our solutions are designed to blend in with your environment while providing a high level of protection.

Climate and weather resistance: Unlike conventional plastic or polypropylene films, our PVC coatings offer enhanced resistance to different weather conditions. This means that whatever the season, your assets are protected from wind, rain and sun.

Versatility: Our PVC covers are customisable to your needs. Whether you need a pool cover, a cover for a barrel sauna, a shelter for industrial equipment or protection for your agricultural or construction activities, we can provide a solution to meet your exact dimensions and requirements.

We can't list all the possible applications where a PVC coating would be a good solution, but if you have an idea -... contact us to talk about your idea!


PVC cover

Light Transmittance: the white PVC material used in our coverings lets daylight through, reducing the need for additional lighting. This helps to save energy and also creates a pleasant, light-filled environment.

Accessories and adaptation

In addition to protection, our PVC covers offer customisation options to meet your specific needs. Reinforced mesh windows for ventilation and windows for lighting can be integrated. In this case, air circulation and adequate lighting are ensured while creating a protected environment for your assets.

Don't forget to play with colours - in addition to customising the form, you can also have your entire corporate or project identity printed on a custom cover that you order from us. If you need some inspiration, here are nearly 50 different shades to really personalise your cover.

colour options


 The price of projects is mainly influenced by the amount of material and the complexity of the work. A PVC cover for a container or trailer is a rather standard solution. In comparison, however, three-dimensional projects are considered a special solution. However - they won't break your wallet, especially considering the values you get in return. Smaller and more typical solutions to protect your property can be had for less than 100€ but the quality is equally high on each project.

Besides - PVC roofing is not difficult to maintain, and if cleaned regularly (the frequency depends on where and under what conditions you use the roofing - use the farmer's wisdom - if it's dirty, clean it!), it can operate for decades without additional investment.

PVC coating compared to alternatives

PVC versus polyethylene (PE) - PE is cheaper than PVC, with similarly good moisture resistance and weight, but weaker UV resistance without additional treatment; lower temperature resistance and fire resistance compared to PVC.

PVC versus polypropylene (PP) - both have similar temperature tolerances, PP has good resistance to chemicals and is lightweight but PP has limited flexibility and lower tear resistance than PVC; PP requires additional treatment for UV resistance.

PVC vs fabric - lightweight and breathable, the fabric has better weight and breathability, but lower resistance to all external factors - including fire, weather and UV resistance.

PVC vs metal - Exceptional durability and long lifetime, combined with unsurpassed fire resistance under normal conditions, are superior to metal, but high cost, heavy weight, corrosion risk and more difficult adaptability are weaknesses compared to PVC coatings.

PVC coatings offer a well-balanced solution, combining durability, flexibility and fire resistance, making them the right choice for a wide range of applications.


We have already mentioned that PVC coatings are a very good choice for a very wide range of applications:

  • Pool cover
  • Tuning sauna cover
  • Multilift container cover
  • Trailer cover
  • Advertising telegraph 
  • Coverage of farm equipment
  • Shelter cover
  • Cover for construction projects
  • Project car cover
  • Garden furniture cover
  • Cover for boats and yachts
  • Balcony shelter

It is probably easier to find an area where a PVC coating would not be useful at all. In addition to the examples already mentioned, it is also possible to create PVC curtains and partitions - ideal for effectively separating different spaces and facilities, offering flexibility and privacy.

To sum up

When you choose our PVC covers, you're making a smart investment in protecting your property that comes with good looks and functionality. Our coverings are designed to meet your most demanding needs and we are delighted when you come to us with new and interesting ideas that we can implement together.