PVC partitions are a flexible and efficient solution for dividing spaces for various purposes. Using high-quality PVC coverings, we offer both lightweight (650 g/m²) and heavier (900 g/m²) solutions that meet the needs of different spaces. Our PVC partitions are customizable and can be both fire-resistant and airtight, allowing for the effective and secure division of large spaces into various sections.

PVC partition

PVC partition benefits

PVC partitions are designed to offer several important advantages and features:

  • Versatility: Option to use both lightweight and heavier PVC coverings according to the need.
  • Fire resistance and air tightness: Ensures safety and privacy by separating different areas of space.
  • Mobile and stationary solutions: Option to choose between movable or permanently installed partitions on rails.
  • Disassembly: Walls are easily dismantled, providing flexibility in changing the usage of space.
  • Integration of communications: We can construct partitions in a way that allows for the passage of communications through the PVC covering.

Customization and installation

Our PVC partitions are customizable to meet your needs. Whether it's dividing spaces for different tenants or segmenting specific areas for specialized purposes, our solutions offer the necessary flexibility and functionality. We install PVC partitions using aluminum rails or other accessories, ensuring a sturdy and secure installation.

Why choose our PVC storage curtains?

By choosing our PVC partitions, you get a solution that is:

  • Flexible: Allows customization of space according to changing needs.
  • Secure: Provides fire-resistant and airtight solutions to protect your spaces.
  • High-quality We use only the best materials, ensuring the long-term durability of the product.
  • Adjustable: Option to add various features and customizations to precisely meet your specific needs.