Maintenance of our PVC halls is designed to be as simple and cost-effective as possible. Thanks to high-quality materials and thoughtful design, the maintenance costs of PVC halls are low. Additionally, the maintenance process itself is straightforward, ensuring long-term durability of the building with minimal effort.


Our maintenance services include

Our experienced maintenance team is ready to perform all necessary repair and maintenance work for your PVC hall. We offer:

  • Maintenance From simple repairs to more complex renovations, we ensure optimal functionality of your hall.
  • General Condition Assessment After each maintenance job, we assess the overall condition of your hall, providing you with professional recommendations and advice for future upkeep.

Durability and quality

In the design and construction of our halls, we always take into account location-specific requirements such as snow load and wind load, as well as requirements set by the Fire Department and the suitability of detailed planning. This ensures that our halls are not only resistant to the Estonian or Finnish climate but also tailored for decades of use, unlike lightweight halls intended for summer periods.

How often is maintenance required?

The maintenance costs for PVC halls are typically low, considering the material's durability and the simplicity of maintenance. PVC fabric is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including UV radiation and moisture, which helps prevent fading of the material and protects it against mold and rot. 

As part of the maintenance routine, regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris from the surface is usually sufficient, thereby keeping the appearance of the PVC hall fresh and orderly. In case the material does get damaged, repairs are typically straightforward and do not require significant expenditure. Repairs may involve cutting and installing new sections without significantly increasing costs.

Regarding the frequency of maintenance, it is recommended to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the PVC hall structures at least once a year. This ensures that the cover is properly tensioned, all bolt connections are securely fastened, and there are no mechanical damages or excessive snow load on the structure. Such an inspection helps ensure the long-term durability and functionality of the PVC hall.