Our design service focuses on precisely customizing PVC halls according to your specific needs and dimensions. Our experienced designers prepare all necessary project documents, from the preliminary design required for building permits to the detailed design, providing support as needed until occupancy permit is obtained.


Customized and durable solutions

During every design process, we take into account the location of the hall, the foundation on which the hall will be installed, as well as weather conditions, ensuring that the halls are suitable for use in the Estonian or Finnish climate.

Our hall metal frames are designed with a weight of approximately 20 kg/m^2, which not only ensures the structure's durability but also allows the hall to be retrofitted into an insulated hall in the future.

In addition, all structures are designed taking into account snow and wind loads that are characteristic of our geographical latitudes, thereby providing additional assurance and stability in extreme weather conditions. This approach ensures that our halls offer year-round protection and security, regardless of the season or climate conditions, creating a reliable and lasting solution for your needs.


Designing - Why choose us?

By choosing our design service, you will receive:

  • Customized solutions We design the PVC hall exactly according to your needs.
  • Professionalism: An experienced team of designers who adhere to all relevant requirements and standards.
  • Durability: We design halls intended for long-term use, not just lightweight halls for the summer season.
  • Support We provide support throughout the design and construction process, including assistance until obtaining the occupancy permit.