The affordable PVC fabric doors produced by Wiola OÜ are a unique and exclusive solution in Estonia. Unlike traditional lift and garage doors, which may have size limitations, Wiola OÜ's fabric doors offer exceptional flexibility and scope, removing any measurement restrictions. This is an excellent choice that combines speed, convenience, and versatility, perfectly suited for use in warehouses, production spaces, stables, and animal husbandry buildings, providing unparalleled access and ease of use.

Features and benefits of the PVC fabric door

The PVC fabric folding door has been developed to offer several important advantages:

  • Versality in size: Produced in sizes ranging from 3×3 M to 15×30 M to meet the needs of different projects.
  • Speed and convenience of use: The automatic opening and closing speed of 15-30 cm/s ensures smooth and efficient daily use.
  • Climate and weather resistance: The doors are designed to withstand challenging weather conditions, including strong winds and cold temperatures.
  • Local production: Unlike imported door solutions, we manufacture our doors in Estonia, which allows for quick delivery times and customization.
  • Flexible control and safety: The ability to control the doors from both a wall panel and a remote, and to program different operational cycles and safety features.

For which solutions is the fabric door suitable?

Wiola OÜ's PVC fabric door is a universal solution that is suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Industrial and Production Spaces: Thanks to its size and quick opening/closing, it is an ideal solution for large production buildings.
  • Warm and Cold Storage: Quick and efficient closing of large openings, improving logistics efficiency.
  • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry: Provides quick access to stables and other animal husbandry buildings, while protecting animals from the weather.
  • Special Projects: Such as shipbuilding and wood storage, where large items need to be moved in and out.

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