PVC hall - an overview of the different types

Nowadays, companies and organisations are looking for flexible and cost-effective solutions in the form of shelters for everything from temporary events to permanent storage needs. In such situations, PVC shelters and similar lightweight structures have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at what a PVC hall is, and explore what a PVC tent, PVC hangar, veneer hall and arched hall are, in order to understand the differences between them and to decide which application each is suitable for.

PVC grey

What is PVC grey and why is it popular?

A PVC hall is a type of lightweight building whose main structural element is a hot-dip galvanised metal frame covered with a durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric. These buildings are renowned for their fast installation time, low construction costs and high flexibility. Unlike traditional buildings, PVC halls do not usually require foundations or foundations, allowing them to be erected on almost any type of ground. The popularity of PVC halls is due to a number of factors:

  • Versatility: PVC halls can be used for a wide range of purposes, from industrial warehouses to sports and event facilities.
  • Cost-efficiency: they are significantly cheaper than traditional stone buildings, both in terms of initial investment and maintenance costs.
  • Fast installation: compared to conventional buildings, PVC halls can be erected very quickly, which is critical for projects with time and resource constraints.

If you want to read more about the capabilities of the PVC grey. swing here.

Comparison PVC hall, PVC tent, PVC hangar, veneer hall, arch hall

In addition to PVC grey, you may also find similar products or at least similar product names in our online product portfolios. Each of these types of building offers slightly different characteristics that make them suitable for different uses. 

To a stranger to the field, the differences between these buildings are small - think of them as children of the same family - there are many similarities in name and appearance, and to be more specific, you can often find people using these definitions interchangeably.  

However, below we have attempted to explain these keywords in terms of the most common definitions and to compare them in terms of the main characteristics and capacities of buildings.

  • PVC tent - is a word borrowed from English, where it means "tent", but in Estonian " PVC tent" means PVC cover or PVC present. As in English it is a facility, you can also find this word in search engines by looking for different companies offering tents and PVC halls.
    Tent as a material brings in another keyword, tenthall, which is also synonymous with PVC grey.
    If you look at the tent separately, it is also possible to erect the facility so that you own the building structures and we will make you a custom tent cover for the building.
  • PVC hangar - basically, the term could also be used to refer to PVC grey. However, as it is also a noun often used in the aviation industry, you may find the phrase PVC hangar used for larger hangars, but this cannot be taken as a rule.
    A PVC hangar can also be used as an equivalent to the definition of an arcade and, to take an example from the same aviation sector, this building can be both PVC-roofed and metal-roofed and very large in size.
the great arcade
  • Viilhall - this keyword describes in particular the traditional construction method, which uses an inverted V-shaped pitched roof. Flashings may be synonymous with PVC flashings, but they can also be built from stronger materials such as steel, concrete or wood. In addition, it is worth noting that 'gable' is a broader term that has been in use in the construction industry for longer.

  • Kaarhall - The main feature of the building is its curved design, which ensures stability and is particularly good for snowy or rainy areas, as snow and water drainage is more efficient. Arched roofs can be made of PVC material or tightly bonded sheet metal elements, which allow them to withstand higher weather loads. Metal roofs have a longer lifespan but higher lifetime costs.

When to choose PVC grey or PVC tent?

PVC greys and PVC awnings are excellent options when a quick and cost-effective solution is required. PVC halls are ideal for long-term storage as well as for large events, providing stable protection from the elements. PVC marquees or smaller PVC tents, on the other hand, are ideal for temporary events such as festivals or fairs where the need for quick set-up and dismantling is critical.

In terms of installation, you should expect to erect a smaller PVC tent or a shelter made of PVC tarpaulin in a day or two and a PVC hall in a couple of days to a week. On the other hand, the use of a PVC hall in one location could be months or years but for a smaller tent hall it could be days or weeks.

PVC grey

When to choose a PVC hangar?

When we talk about PVC hangars as large-scale objects, it is the best choice for storing large-scale objects such as aircraft and large machinery. These structures are designed with a higher load capacity, providing protection and good spaciousness. PVC hangars require a higher initial investment and longer installation time compared to conventional PVC hangars, but their durability and functionality justify their price. In addition, the erection of larger sheds may require more complex building permits, which should be taken into account at an early stage.

When to prefer a fiddling hall, an arcade or a PVC hangar?

Arguments for choosing between a penthouse and/or an arched hall may include the ability to withstand snow or rain loads, or the preferred shape of the building - depending on how you use the interior of the space - an arched structure can make the sides of the building an inefficient space.

Instead of talking about which building to choose, you should know the answers to the questions - how long will the building be standing; how big should the building be; what shape should the building be; how weatherproof should it be; what should be the maximum investment in the building? If you know the answer to these questions, then call/email us and after a consultation, we will find the right product for you.

How does the choice of building affect the use requirements?

The choice of the type of building determines the conditions for putting it into service. For example, PVC halls or tents are ideal for trade fairs or festivals where quick installation and dismantling is required. PVC halls are particularly useful when a (semi)-quiet but durable space is needed, while tents are suitable for short-term events where protection from the weather is still important. The legislative requirements affecting them are also generally much less stringent.

If you go in the direction of a fan hall, arcade or hangar with metal roofs and more serious structures, you have to take into account more complex building permits, operating permits and general dealings. In addition, it pays to be sure that after a few years there will be no desire to relocate them.

When you're doing the analysis for your choice, you should consider not only the one-off direct costs, but also the longer-term operational costs, including maintenance, modification needs and potential regulatory obligations. Careful consideration will help you make the most economically sensible and functional choice, while ensuring that buildings meet both current and future needs.

If you want to have a building that is efficient in every category, contact us. PVC hall. Write to us and let's start the consultation!